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- Scaling, Plugging & Grit Removal

- Reactivity & Consistency

- Materials, Equipment, Energy & Transportation Costs

- Environmental Problems


- Water & Wastewater Treatment

- Flue Gas Desulfurization

- Caustic Replacement

- Mining

-Construction Uses

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Bromatco is totally flexible in working with clients who choose to take advantage of the Lime-Save process (patent pending).  Services range from;
  • full turnkey supply of equipment, labor, materials & maintenance of equipment.
  • consultations on how the process can be applied to specific operations with  slaking equipment recommendations. 
  • consultations on how to apply the process to existing slaking operations.
  • supply of additives only.
Our relationship with Applied Specialties, Inc. (ASI) allows you to access their considerable expertise in chemicals, processes and technology to better take advantage of implementing this truly unique process.

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