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These are some of the most persistent problems encountered when using lime slurry.  The Lime-Save process (USPTO patent #7,718,085 & #7,897,062) has a track record solving these problems while using cost-effective quicklime.  By reducing the Brookfield viscosity of the hydrated lime slurry to below 900 cps using our additives, the following results were achieved:
  • Scaling was eliminated as can be seen in the picture to the right.  The tank shown was put in service for over 9 months before it was opened.  You can see that there is no buildup of scale on the sides and even the horizontal gussets were buildup free.
  • No buildup of lime scale in lime slurry supply lines or other handling equipment after 2 1/2 years of operation.
  • Low viscosities were also responsible for for the easy removal of over-sized grit that is common in quicklime.  After being told it could not be done, a 6" basket strainer was utilized to remove the plus 1/4" grit with minimal disruption of the pumping process.
  • By batching the quicklime one load at a time from a pneumatic trailer with a blower, plugging of dry lime storage tanks was avoided as is normal in dry hydrated lime systems.
Inside Mixing Tank after 9 Months

Inside Mixing Tank After 9 Months Usage

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