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About Us


- Scaling, Plugging & Grit Removal

- Reactivity & Consistency

- Materials, Equipment, Energy & Transportation Costs

- Environmental Problems


-Water & Wastewater Treatment

- Flue Gas Desulfurization

- Caustic Replacement

- Mining

- Construction Uses

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Bromatco was formed to apply the owner's 20-year experience in lime slurry production in the construction industry to other industrial uses. In 2006, it teamed up with Applied Specialties, Inc. (ASI), a leading supplier of chemicals, technology and services to the water and wastewater treatment industries and to the pollution control industry for SO2 capture.

As a result, a process (USPTO patent #7,718,085 & #7,897,062), called Lime-Save, was created that has revolutionized the lime slurry industry by targeting these perennial problems:
Bromatco Slaking Operation

Bromatco Lime Slaking Operation at Power Plant near Phoenix, Arizona

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