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Flue Gas Desulfurization and other gas scrubbing operations generally use large quantities of limestone or hydrated lime slurry.  Hydrated lime slurry has become increasingly popular. Using hydrated lime slurry is an ecologically superior method of treating the gases as the principle byproducts are Calcium Sulfate (gypsum) and water as opposed to Carbon Dioxide (CO2).  Scaling and particle size distribution are two key determinants of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) removal process and present the biggest challenges.

Decreasing water to lime ratios has been known to decrease the particle size of hydrated lime slurry and, thereby, increase reactivity.  Likewise, low viscosity of hydrated lime slurry can assist in preventing scaling on critical nozzles, valves and service lines.

The Lime-Save process has elements that both decrease water to lime ratios and reduce scaling.

Applying the Lime-Save process to large consumers of hydrated lime slurry for scrubbing exhaust gases in two principal ways:

  • Inexpensive meters, pumps and controllers can be added to existing lime slurry production equipment to mix additives with the raw feed water.
  • Multiple lime slakers can be installed to slake the quicklime and then pump it into tanks that dilute the slurry for use in the process.  Since fine quicklime is used in the slakers dustless transfer of quicklime from rail cars, dustless conveying equipment is available and must be utilized to make the transfer to the slakers.


Please contact us to see how the Lime-Save process can be applied to your specific needs.

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Multiple Lime Slakers
Multiple Lime Slakers