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Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) and Magnesium Hydroxide are commonly used for metals removal and pH adjustment in industrial wastewater treatment. Fluoride removal requires the further addition of Calcium Chloride to caustic soda.

Caustic soda is considered a hazardous material, is strongly corrosive to many materials and human tissue, and can cause severe burns.  It is also subject to wide price swings.  Magnesium Hydroxide is also subject to wide price swings and occasional shortages.

Calcium Hydroxide is non-hazardous and, in most cases, has been pound-for-pound more effective at neutralizing acids than either Caustic Soda or Magnesium Oxide.

In the past, the drawbacks of using hydrated lime slurry have been poor quality lime slurry, mixing and handling problems, and grit and scaling in process lines. The Lime-Save process (USPTO patent #7,718,085 & #7,897,062) can reduce or eliminate these problems by providing a consistent, high solids, low viscosity, non-scaling hydrated lime slurry, eliminate hazardous waste disposal charges and can be handled safely. In addition, the price of quicklime has been relatively stable over time. Eliminating fluorides is an additional bonus.

The low viscosity characteristics of hydrated lime slurry from the Lime-Save process are such that grit can be easily removed resulting in a high quality end product.

Although many caustic users use relatively small volumes of  metals removal and neutralizing chemicals, many companies are located in geographic clusters and can benefit from a central plant supplying several users.

Please contact us to see how we can profitably apply our process to your operation.

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